Taylor Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson made her first national TV appearance on Laughs in 2014, and has been on a rise to the top ever since. As the face of Laughs, Taylor’s razor wit and sugar’n’spice sarcasm keep the show energized while showcasing the best up-and-coming comedians in the country.
When she’s not cracking us up on TV, Taylor is a favorite in clubs and colleges across the country. You may also recognize her from when she was a semi-finalist on the 2015 season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Taylor Tomlinson Thank you! 🤗 17 hours ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @TeamCoco: ATTN LA: See @MosesStorm, @flula, @ericandre, @taylortomlinson, and @TimJDillon live at @JoinTheDynasty on Tuesday 2/19. Tick… 2 days ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @Lady2LadyComedy: Today on a new #LadytoLady @taylortomlinson joins to chat "blowing up", the Sopranos, her intense love of @Target and… 4 days ago
Taylor Tomlinson Buying myself a bike after a difficult therapy session because I’m my own mom now damnit 5 days ago
Taylor Tomlinson Happy early Valentine’s Day Portland! I’m headlining @HeliumComedyPdx this weekend! 💕 6 days ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @HeliumComedyPdx: #ThisWeekatHelium the Transplants return for Volume 5 & ❤️Valentine's Day ❤️ weekend with @taylortomlinson! Tickets an… 6 days ago
Taylor Tomlinson My most dysfunctional relationship was the one where he was the least responsible person I’d ever been with and I w… 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson I’ve never met anyone I liked so much that I’d be upset if they cancelled plans with me 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson Hey thanks man! 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @weismanjake: I'd much rather watch Ted Bundy play Zac Efron 2 weeks ago
Taylor Tomlinson The only good thing about being 25 is that you can tell people to guess your age and no matter what they say it’s a compliment 2 weeks ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @KelseyCook: Gonna start a podcast about an unsolved murder that also gives financial advice and nutrition tips and is cohosted by a for… 2 weeks ago

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