Taylor Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson made her first national TV appearance on Laughs in 2014, and has been on a rise to the top ever since. As the face of Laughs, Taylor’s razor wit and sugar’n’spice sarcasm keep the show energized while showcasing the best up-and-coming comedians in the country.
When she’s not cracking us up on TV, Taylor is a favorite in clubs and colleges across the country. You may also recognize her from when she was a semi-finalist on the 2015 season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Taylor Tomlinson @KelseyCook HAHAHAHAHA 18 hours ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @DelanieFischer: We are joined by the one and only @kiracomedy for energy readings on Self-Helpless Podcast this week! 3 days ago
Taylor Tomlinson I want my own tv show but more than that I just want to lie down forever and never speak to another person ever again 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @morhac: Just got around to watch Netflix's The Comedy Lineup, my immediate thought after watching @taylortomlinson's set is: GIVE THAT… 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @HollywoodImprov: This line up is blowing our mind! 🤯 Don't miss @AnthonyJeselnik @WhitneyCummings @ReddSaidIt @TaylorTomlinson @BenGlei 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson My favorite hobby is convincing myself that someone has betrayed me, plotting my revenge for a solid 20 minutes, th… 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @darasweatt: Ladies, if you aren’t already, y’all NEED to check out the Self-Helpless podcast! I. Am. Obsessed. @taylortomlinson @Ke 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson I know I’ll be a good mom because I already start every day by waking up and saying, “You’re okay, you’re okay, you… 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson I fell in love with someone who whistles and it has been very confusing because whistling is how movies let you know a character is bad. 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @jaboukie: therapy - expensive - months to years of hard work - emotionally draining “it be like that sometimes” - free - immediately s… 1 week ago
Taylor Tomlinson RT @DelanieFischer: This week on Self-Helpless Podcast, in spirit of our new @Patreon tier, we decided to release a sample Patreon episode.… 1 week ago

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