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RT @thecomedybureau: If you think we at all deserve some support, please pledge $ on our Patreon 7 days ago
Bill Cosby is already eyeing his "comeback." 7 days ago
Eddie Izzard wrote a memoir, and it's out now. 7 days ago
RT @comedianluke: And Jesus said, "Man cannot live on bread alone; he's on a low-carb diet." 7 days ago
Looks like somebody's got a case of "The Monday's. " 7 days ago
🎧#LaughsUncut is where you can get the uncut, uncensored sets from your favorite #LaughsTV comedians! Now on iTunes… 1 week ago
RT @Splitsider: On my dad Harold Ramis and passing the 'Ghostbusters' torch to a new generation of fans https://t.c 1 week ago
RT @aaroncomedian: 5yo: Moms tell dads what to do. Dads tell kids what to do. Me: Who tells moms what to do? 5: ... Me: ... 5: Moms also te… 1 week ago
RT @KalvinMacleod: Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there except for you Father Time you deadbeat piece of shit. 1 week ago
RT @bourgeoisalien: Being a father is the greatest joy your father's ever known, except of course for the fun, carefree years before you de… 1 week ago
RT @jennyzigrino: Apparently I'll be appearing in @ELLEmagazine. Thanks @JenSaunderson for seeing this! 💜💜💜 1 week ago

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