Cooking Up Comedy — Recipes for a great meal and good laugh!

“Cook and Comedy” is the new “Netflix and Chill”

FOX has a tasty new show that tests the culinary instinct of “home chefs” to crown one a “Culinary Genius.” Watch Culinary Genius each weekday for your own cooking inspiration. Then top off your delicious dinner with a hearty helping of Laughs. We’re making it easy for you to watch both back-to-back in this post. You’re welcome, America. Now get to cooking!

Tune into Culinary Genius daily on the following stations:

LOS ANGELES: MY13 at 4:30 PM
PHOENIX: MY45 at 5:00 PM
MINNEAPOLIS: Fox 9 at 4:30 PM
NEW YORK: FOX 5 / at 12:00 PM
WASHINGTON D.C.: Fox 5 DC at 8:30 PM
ATLANTA: FOX 5 Atlanta at 7:30 PM
DETROIT: FOX 2 Detroit at 7:30 PM
ORLANDO: Fox 35 WOFL at 7:30 PM
CHARLOTTE: FOX 46 Charlotte at 7:30 PM

Every good meal needs a good cocktail. Here’s Brandon Vestal’s take on tequila…


Here’s a full episode of Laughs. Pairs well with bell peppers, porkchop, and cocktail.

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