Sarah Silverman’s new special is dedicated to her mom, Garry Shandling, and Harris Wittels

Sarah Silverman gets personal with new special “A Speck of Dust.”

Sarah Silverman‘s last few years have been tough.

“In the time between my last special and this special, actually in the span of under two years, I lost three of the closest people in my life and almost died myself,” Sarah told The Hollywood Reporter.

It seemed fitting to dedicate her most recent Netflix special, A Speck of Dust, to the closest friends and family she’d recently lost, her mother, Harris Wittels, and Garry Shandling. 

She told The Hollywood Reporter that the deaths of those closest to her indirectly informed the material she performed on A Speck of Dust. 

“Preparing for this special had so many starts and stops…A lot of times those starts and stops are because you’re working on a TV show or doing something that takes you away from stand-up. But these starts and stops were all very emotional and were stops where I would go, ‘I can’t imagine. What am I supposed to go onstage and tell jokes now?’ I couldn’t even picture that. And then each time I would always go back to stand-up because I think that’s how comics survive life is by doing stand-up.”

Her mentor, Garry Shandling, taught Sarah much of what she knows about stand-up comedy. While, she says Harris Wittels was “like a son to me” as well as a friend and “completely inspiring peer.” Her mother “is everything I am.” These three major influences have greatly shaped Sarah’s comedy, and their impact can be seen in subtle ways throughout the special.

Read Sarah’s full interview with The Hollywood Reporter here.


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