Hasan Minhaj went to Alabama and was mistaken as a cute boy band member of ISIS

The Daily Show is one of the lowest rated shows in Alabama. We can’t imagine why…

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Stephen Colbert and Hasan Minhaj have a lot in common. Both comedians and former Daily Show Correspondents, they also both hosted the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. The two bonded over war stories from their time at the WHCD podium and as Daily Show correspondents on last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Everybody who’s been a correspondent there [The Daily Show]—at some point— has, like, a correspondent horror story…Do you have one?”

Turns out, The Daily Show is one of the lowest rated shows in Alabama, as explained by Hasan. So, naturally, the show made a week out of it producing a string of episodes under the umbrella “Alabama Week.”

“Is that like ‘Shark Week,’ but with rednecks?” Yes. Yes, it is, Stephen.


Hasan set out to cover guns in Alabama, complete with a trip to the gun range for $7 conceal and carry permit. But when he went to pay, the clerk got skiddish.

“Hey, man. You could be an ISIS.”

Hasan said he did his best to stay in the moment and let the conversation roll naturally, but he wasn’t offended. In fact, he was pretty flattered that a global terror organization would choose him to be the “cute boy band member” of the gang. Watch the full clip above and check out how the full scene played out during The Daily Show’s Alabama Week.

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