Laughs’ new podcast is uncut and uncensored

Because TV makes us bleep everything fun.

Every week the team at Laughs tries to sneak a couple dirty jokes through the FOX television censors, and every week we inevitably have to shelf some hilarious material that we know you would love. But NO MORE!

We’re introducing a new podcast series called Laughs Uncut where we give you the uncensored and uncut sets from your favorite comedians from Laughs. Hosted by one of the show’s all-time favorites, Zoltan Kaszas, each week we’ll feature four sets from Laughs tapings around the country. If you like discovering new talent on Laughs in bitesize chunks, you’ll love getting to hear a full set from your new favorites.

Episode One features hilarious talent like Boston’s Mike Whitman, LA-based KT Tatara, Portland’s Bri Pruett and Texas’s own Josh Johnson. Listen. Share. Subscribe.

New episodes will post every Wednesday.


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