Maria Bamford gives away real-life advice and $5,000 during her commencement address

Maria Bamford returned to her alma mater, the University of Minnesota, to address the graduating class of 2017 with some much-needed real-world advice…

“Let me begin by talking about the elephant in the room at a liberal arts graduation ceremony, and that is money,” said the Lady Dynamite creator and star.

Maria, who is known for spreading the gospel of financial literacy, spent a large portion of her address sharing about how she negotiated what she was paid to be there. She explained the crazy difference between gross and net salary with a financial themed speech that is bound to hit home for all Liberal Arts degree holders.

“To receive an invoice [from Sallie Mae] is to know you’re alive,” said Maria.

Then, to bring it all home, Bamford actually gave away $5,000 (what she made after taxes and fees) to a lucky student to put towards paying off his student loans.


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