Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi Is Serving Soup at Colossal ClusterFest

The inaugural Comedy Central Colossal Clusterfest is pulling out all the stops for is San Francisco debut in June.

Aside from the incredible comedy line-up and hip bands scheduled to perform, Clusterfest goers can also visit comedy attractions for their favorite shows like South Park, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and of course: Seinfeld.

The Seinfeld exhibit will feature a full-scale recreation of Jerry’s Manhattan apartment, and as reported by The Comic’s Comicfood from Monk’s Cafe complete to be served by the fan-favorite “Soup Nazi.” As in, Larry Thomas, the man himself who played Soup Nazi back in Season 7 episode 6. Might want to brush up on the

If you plan to attend, you’d be wise to brush up on the etiquette first. Soup Nazi doesn’t mess around. And if you screw it up…”NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

Read more about Larry Thomas and his career over at The Comic’s Comic.

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