Marc Maron to Publish “Waiting for the Punch” a Compilation of Interviews from the WTF Podcast

Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast is required listening for any self-respecting comedy nerd. But if podcasting isn’t your thing, you can still bask in the collective knowledge gleaned from the show in a new book coming this fall.

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Maron is releasing a book full of his interviews from the renowned podcast in a work titled Waiting for the Punch: Words to Live by from the WTF Podcast. Here’s the official description:

Waiting for the Punch is not simply a collection of these interviews, but instead something more wondrous: a running narrative of the world’s most recognizable names working through the problems, doubts, joys, triumphs and failures we all experience. With each chapter covering a different topic: parenting, childhood, relationships, sexuality, success, failures and others, Punch becomes a sort of everyman’s guide to life. Barack Obama candidly discusses the challenges of the presidency, and the bittersweet moments of seeing your children grow up and away from you. Bruce Springsteen speaks on the dual nature of desperation to both motivate and devastate. Amy Schumer recounts the pain of a parents’ divorce.

At once laugh-out-loud funny, heartbreakingly honest, joyous, tragic and powerful, Waiting for the Punch is a book to be read from cover to cover, but it is also one to return to again and again.

Maron partnered with WTF producer Brendan McDonald to co-author the piece. You can pre-order Waiting for the Punch now. 

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