‘Richard Pryor Icon’ Documentary Coming to Netflix in May

[ytp_video source=”4jErZaAr1cY”] Everyone is getting a special on Netflix these days, even the late, great Richard Pryor. 

Netflix continues to develop itself as the go-to destination for the best of stand-up comedy. To further cement that reputation, the streaming giant is making the PBS documentaryRichard Pryor: Icon” available beginning May 1. Check out the trailer here.

The hour-long documentary debuted in 2014 as a profile on the life and legacy of Richard Pryor, following his origin “through the brothels of Peoria, Illinois” to how he got himself banned by major networks. The program explores the self-destructive patterns that threatened his career and life and how he managed to prevail and become the legendary icon we remember and cherish today.

h/t ComedyHype.com

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