Adam Sandler shares the angriest he’s ever been with Kevin James

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Adam Sandler and Kevin James sat down on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night and got real about their friendship.

The longtime friends don’t seem to argue about much. Adam Sandler told Corden that “You don’t want to fight Kevin James,” hinting that the Kevin Can Wait star has more moves up his sleeve than you might think.

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James explained that the two avoid most conflict because they know their strength areas. For instance, Sandler isn’t allowed to pick out where they go to eat.

“You can’t weigh less than me and tell me where to eat,” said Kevin James.

But when Sandler was asked about the angriest he’s ever been at Kevin, he shared about the time “…we were about to go out somewhere fun and he took all the fun away in one motion.”

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Kevin didn’t deny the altercation. “I remember. You set the tone early on. Then you get to choose the restaurant.”

Watch more clips from their visit to The Late Late Show in the clips below.

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