Go On a Comedy Adventure Via AirBnB and The Comedy Bureau in LA

Don’t get caught in the typical tourist traps of Los Angeles. Let The Comedy Bureau show you the funnier side of the city.

Good Heroin at Stories in Echo Park, Photo by Kelly Dwyer from The Comedy Bureau website

If touring the homes of the stars from a roofless van isn’t really your style, we’ve got the perfect “comedycation” (as coined by Interrobang’s Sara Dahms) for your next visit to La La Land.

AirBnB just a launched a new feature called the “experiences” program that partners local experts with visitors to showcase the places and features that only the local natives know and love. The Comedy Bureau’s Jake Kroeger is hosting one of these experiences called “The Comedy Bureau Ride Along.”

We’ll scour high and low through the best shows that the vast LA comedy scene has to offer and I’ll show you where the next big things in comedy are before they hit it big. By the end of the night, you’ll know how and where to see the best comedians known only to comedy insiders. We just might get to hang and chat with them after the show as well. – The Comedy Bureau on AirBnB

Kroeger is definitely the expert you want showing you around. His Comedy Bureau site is a staple for comedians to keep a pulse on what’s happening daily in the Los Angeles comedy scene. Kroeger is out watching live shows seven nights a week and knows where the best haunts and talent hang out.

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