3 Comedy Albums To Get You Through the 3-Day Weekend

The three-day weekend is upon us! It’s a Good Friday, followed by a great Saturday (complete with a NEW episode of Laughs), and Easter Sunday will be here before we know it. If you’re anything like us, holiday weekends mean a lot of time in the car traveling to see family and loved ones…and just general driving to get away from the responsibilities of everyday life.

Here are three fantastic comedy albums from Laughs talent that will get you through your travel laughing so hard you don’t even notice all the a**hole drivers sharing the road.

Liz Miele’s Mind over Melee

Liz Miele is set on global domination. Her newest album, Mind over Melee, was recorded in London while touring Europe. And the reaction has been stellar. ComedyCake calls the album a “Comedic Tour De Force,” and Paste Magazine said the album feels like “a long conversation with a close friend.” Mind Over Melee is Miele’s second comedy album following Emotionally Exhaustingreleased in 2014.

Available on iTunes or Google Play


Aaron Aryanpur’s In Spite Of

Aaron Aryanpur’s In Spite Of embraces the bizarre atmosphere captured in comedy clubs around the country every night — complete with drunken hecklers and crashes of dishes. This album showcases Aryanpur’s ability to roll with whatever comes his way and put on an incredible show in spite of the circumstances and make that show a hilarious experience because of the same conditions. Give this a listen, and you’ll instantly be a lifelong fan.

Available on iTunes and Amazon



Corey Rodrigues’ My Turn

Corey Rodrigues’ debut comedy album will make you feel like you’ve known him for years. Originally, Rodrigues planned to call the project “My Brain. My Humor. My Life.” but settled on the more succinct “My Turn.” The autobiographical material mixed with Rodrigues’ animated storytelling and energy will have you roaring with laughter through every track.

Available on iTunes and Amazon

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