Seth Rogen Weighs in on North Korea Because It Turns Out He Has Some Experience…

“I don’t have much authority to speak on political matters, but…”


For this tweet to make sense, we need to take a quick jog down memory lane. The year was 2014. Everyone was ice-bucket-challenging, Ellen DeGeneres took that Oscar selfie, and the world celebrated the Instagram-perfect photos from Kim and Kanye’s wedding…

Oh, and North Korea hacked the $#&* out of Sony Pictures in retaliation for Seth Rogen and James Franco’s slapstick comedy The Interview.

So, it turns out Seth Rogen isn’t entirely unqualified to comment on matters of North Korea activities. When President Trump told Twitter that North Korea is “looking for trouble,” Seth Rogen was inclined to agree.

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Speaking from experience, Rogen told his followers Tuesday “I don’t have much authority to speak on political matters, but one thing I can DEFINITIVELY say: Don’t fuck with North Korea.”

Touché, Seth. Touché.


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