Patton Oswalt Tries to Help Mike Huckabee Be Funny

Comedy’s not for everyone, kids.

[ytp_video source=”85XGUGOnorY”]

Mike Huckabee‘s the latest pundit to strive for a “Twitter Comedian” credit on his bio,  but—shocker—the punchlines just aren’t landing, though not for lack of trying. But before you write him off, remember: we’ve all been there. Sometimes jokes on Twitter don’t pack the same punch they would if delivered on a different medium. Enter Jimmy Kimmel and Patton Oswalt.

Jimmy graciously offered Huckabee the assist, doling out the conservative personality’s funniest(?) “bits” to professional comedian Patton Oswalt to perform the way they were meant to be heard: on the stand-up stage. Watch the full clip, and tell us what you think on Facebook.


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