Steve Martin Will Make You Funnier With a MasterClass in Comedy

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Are you hoping to be the next stand-up comedian to ink a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix? Steve Martin has some advice.

Students of Martin’s will have access to 25 video lessons that cover topics like finding your comedic voice, developing an act, and improving your writing. The course also comes with a workbook and interactive features that just might get your routine critiqued by the “wild-and-crazy guy” himself. Enrolling in the course costs $90.

“I was talking to some student, and they were saying things like, ‘How do I get an agent?’ ‘Where do I get my headshots?’

And I just thought, Shouldn’t the first thing you’re thinking about be ‘How do I be good?'”

MasterClass is an online education platform that claims to offer “access to genius.” The courses cover a variety of topics like MasterClasses with Aaron Sorkin on screenwriting and Shonda Rhimes’ teaching TV writing.

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