Waffle House Has a New Favorite Customer

Dreams really do come true.

Comedian Chris Cope‘s comedy career has been on the rise this past year with appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Laughs, Grey’s Anatomy, and Tosh.O, but last week he was able to take one step closer to his ultimate dream: Becoming the Waffle House Spokesperson.

What started as a joke landed Cope a $250 gift card, which is GOLD when traveling the road as a stand-up comedian. He plans to put the gift card to good use next month while traveling the South.

You can see Chris live December 1-4 at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater and Humor Institute in Sarasota, Florida. Maybe, even get him to buy you breakfast.

“So about 8 months ago I started tweeting at Wafflehouse to make me their National Spokesman, at first it was just as a joke, then as it got the tweets got popular, Wafflehouse started retweeting…” Cope posted on Facebook. “Last week an envelope arrived and had this letter written to by the President/CEO of Wafflehouse and a $250 gift card, which i will use when I go on the road all the over the south next month.”


Congratulations, Chris!

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