9 Comedian Tweets To Recap Last Night’s Debate

The debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a full-on spectacle Sunday night. The week leading up to Sunday’s showdown featured an imploding Trump campaign after video of his vile comments about using his stardom to sexually assault women surfaced. The gloves were off, and America was forced to endure an hour and a half of hostile hot heads trading personal blows with abandon. Luckily, Laughs comedians were there in our hour of need to help us survive all the cringing with their tweets. Here are the favs from the evening.


No matter if you were streaming the debate or watching it on TV, this tweet holds up:

When Trump was pressed to answer for his 2005 comments, he went on a rambling tangent that seemed to justify his grabbing women by their p**** because of ISIS. Twitter wasn’t impressed.

He also went on a weird tangent about how he was “…doing a post office.” We still don’t know what the heck he’s talking about, but Will Noonan has a theory.

But the best moment of the night may be the only one of civility when the two were asked to name a characteristic of the other they admired. Hillary couldn’t name one, so she opted to compliment Donald’s children. But The Donald offered an uncharacteristic, legitimate  praise of Hillary’s determination.

But no matter who you’re rooting for, it’s clear who the real winner of this debate was…Meet civilian hero, Ken Bone.

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