Court Ordered is a Cartoon You Should be Court Ordered to Watch

Get a sneak peek at the cartoon everyone will be talking about soon.

Erik Myers


“If you get pulled over with an open beer…Give up!” Strong advice from a guy who would know. Comedian Erik Myers makes no secret of his struggles with addiction. His stand-up draws heavily from his own ridiculous and often unbelievable adventures.

In Myers’ one-hour stand-up special, “Dopeless Romantic,” he sets the scene of his DUI run-in with the law.

“…I’m drinking and driving because I … am an idiot. And I didn’t turn my headlights on because I thought the cops wouldn’t be able to see me.”

Spoiler alert. That assumption didn’t work out for him. (Watch the special here, and thank us later) This scene and more from his stand-up act are being brought to life in a rowdy and hilarious cartoon pilot called Court Ordered with an all-star cast of stand-up comedians. Court Ordered is a show about a down on his luck alcoholic, drug addict (Myers) who is sentenced to Rehab Group Therapy after being arrested for drunk driving. There, Erik meets an array of characters who help him on his journey to getting rehabilitated back into life.

Erik Myers is one of our stars of Season 3 of Laughs, kicking off September 10 & 11 on FOX. Also cast in Court Ordered is Season 2 favorite Becky Robinson.

You can catch a live preview of the Court Ordered pilot at one of their premiere parties.



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