Trump Delivered Scottish Speech Surrounded by Swastikas

A Scottish comedian trolled Trump in an epic ambush.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee was caught off guard Friday at a press conference when Scottish comedian, Lee Nelson, upstaged The Donald just as he reached the podium.

“Sorry Donald, these are the new balls you ordered. Here for you sir, these are the new balls available from the clubhouse as part of the new Trump Turnberry range,” Nelson said showing off the red golf balls with a swastika on them.

Nelson’s interruption was shortlived as U.S. Secret Service promptly escorted him away, but he did manage to pepper Trump’s press conference in swastika covered balls before his exit. The balls remained through the press conference’s duration without any further interference.


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  • Lloyd Ziemer

    I’m all for political statements and in no way for Trump but this is disgusting my relatives were executed for helping Jewish people in Germany stop with the Hitler stuff it’s very disrespectful

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